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Inglewood, Calgary’s original main street, is a hip shot of history. It acts stately yet seems trendy, looks old but smells new.

Inglewood can be found a few blocks east of the downtown core, cradled between both the Bow and Elbow rivers. Ninth Avenue SE is main street Inglewood, and what a main street it is.

Antique stores, restaurants, pubs, designer fashions, interior décor meccas, exotic tea shops, you name it, it probably has an Inglewood storefront.

If home-shopping in Inglewood, you’ll be looking at a mix of older houses, rental apartments and revamped condos.


This is Calgary’s oldest community, with a village being established here following the establishment of Fort Calgary in 1875. Originally known as East Calgary or Brewery Flats, the community was given the name Inglewood in 1911.

Shopping and Restaurants

Inglewood’s stores and restaurants are generally independently operated, and if variety is the spice of life, this community packs some kick.

Restored Asian furniture from an ancient dynastic period? Check.

Five-star Italian bistros? Check.

Cafés that specialize in dessert? Check.

French restaurant in a haunted historic home? Check.

A pub that used to be a fire hall and still has the fire pole in it? Check.

Specialty, über-sharp Japanese knife shop? Check.

Arguably, the best used record store in western Canada? Check.

You get the picture.

Arts and Culture

Inglewood is a community full of art galleries, pottery stores and live music venues. Every summer, Inglewood Sunfest and the Fringe Festival also put theatre and performance arts in the spotlight.


The community is a hop away from the city’s river pathway system – both the Bow and the Elbow rivers. You could essentially run out your door and end up anywhere.

This is also the neighbourhood of the Calgary Zoo, the city’s family-friendly institution.

If you’re more interested in indigenous species, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary offers two kilometres of trails through a protected, pristine wildlife reserve. 


The Colonel Walker School is an elementary school in a beautiful 1911 sandstone building. High school students would need to attend schools in neighbouring communities.


There’s no CTrain access, but buses can get you in and out of the area, as can the very accessible river pathway system. There’s really only the one main road for getting into Inglewood by car: Ninth Avenue SE.

Inglewood Community Association

1740 – 24th Avenue SE



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