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Utilities in Calgary

Compared to many other large North American cities, utility costs are low in Calgary.

Albertans have a choice of electricity and natural gas companies, most of which are based in Calgary. Within a deregulated market, a mix of investor- and municipally-owned utility companies compete to provide electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy products and services.

This section also looks at Calgary’s water and wastewater systems, and the city’s recycling and composting efforts.

Use the links to the right to learn about all of the important services and utilities needed to fuel your new Calgary home.

Water System

Learn about the city’s drinking water: where it comes from and how it’s used.

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Wastewater System

Learn about Calgary’s wastewater system.

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Recycling & Composting

Learn about the city’s recycling and composting efforts.

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Learn about electricity utility providers in Calgary.

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