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Downtown Calgary Shopping

The downtown area of Calgary is pretty big: it has to in order to make room for 3,000 individual businesses in a 120-block area. Needless to say, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to shopping.

There are several distinct shopping areas that you can hit, the first of which, the Stephen Avenue Walk, is situated along Eighth Avenue SW between First Street SE and Fourth Street SW. There can be between 5,000 and 10,000 people here at peak times, with live performances, buskers, festivals, artists and culture galore.

And of course, the shopping: there are nine major shopping centres/department stores, which balance nicely with an eclectic mix of boutiques and galleries. Three of the largest shopping centres make up The CORE - TD Square & Holt Renfrew Building, which is comprised of TD Square, The CORE Building (formerly known as the Calgary Eaton Centre) and The Holt Renfrew Building.

Another major centre, Eau Claire Market, has over 60 stores, restaurants and services in an ideal location next to Prince’s Island Park on the Bow River.

Finally, there’s neighbouring Chinatown, where you want to go for unique and bargain gift shops, exotic shopping centres, and culturally specific grocery stores and bakeries. It’s at the north end of downtown off of Centre Street.


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