Schools & Education

Schools & Education

In Calgary, as in other creative, knowledge-based cities, education is about choices, challenges and opportunities.

This is a young city, one that understands and appreciates the world that education can uncover. It’s also a city that believes this world should be accessible to everyone, child or adult, regardless of background and ability to pay.

Nearly 152,300 students are enrolled in Calgary’s schools from kindergarten to grade 12. Calgary also has the second highest level of educational attainment of its population aged 25-64 of major Canadian cities.

Parents and children have a wealth of options when it comes to schools in Calgary: public, Catholic, francophone, bilingual, language immersion, private, charter, religious, sports-focused, arts-focused, music-focused, science-focused. You name it, it’s here.

For little ones not quite ready for the education system, child care and pre-school options are plentiful throughout the city. And if you have a lower income and need some help covering the costs, government aid might be available to you.

For older students, ongoing education and ‘lifelong learning’ opportunities are virtually limitless in Calgary. If you want to learn, there’s someone who wants to teach you, and you’ll probably have a choice of where and when you can attend the class.

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